California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System

Photo: Equine Analytical Chemistry

Equine Analytical Chemistry

The Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (EACL) is located in the
Kenneth L. Maddy Laboratory on the UC Davis Campus. 

The mission of the EACL is two-fold:  

1. To provide a drug testing program with the highest quality standards, employing the most innovative methodology and newest analytical technology, in order to ensure the integrity of horse racing  

2. To expand and disseminate new information regarding therapeutic medications in order to improve the welfare of California performance horses. 

In addition to performing drug testing on samples submitted from California’s racetracks, the EACL accepts submissions from other private and institutional clients.

CAHFS-EACL Submission Policies: 

  • Preliminary results will be faxed within 10 working days of receipt of sample.   
  • Confirmatory results, if required, may incur additional fees and require your approval.  
  • Confirmation results will be reported within 30 working days after approval is provided. 
  • Under no circumstances is EACL testing to be used to provide certification of a product or certify the health status of an animal.
  • Invoices for testing performed by EACL will be provided USPS mail; payment is due within 30 days of invoice date.

CAHFS-EACL Tests and Fees:

Test Section In-State Fee* Out-of-State Fee**
Anabolic Steroid Pre-Race Testing Chemistry $150 $250
Anabolic Steroids - Sales Testing Chemistry $250 $250
Hourly Consulting Fee- Legal Chemistry $350 $350
Hourly Consulting Fee- Non-Legal Chemistry $250 $250
Method Validation Chemistry $5,000 $10,000
NSAIDS Chemistry $50 $100
Nutritional Analysis Chemistry $420 $420
Nutritional Supplement Testing Pharmacology $250 $250
Performance Horse Testing Chemistry $175 $175
pK Analysis Pharmacology $35 $60
Pre-Purchase Drug Screen Chemistry $150 $175
Evidence Chemistry n/a $500
Split Sample Analysis- Urine Only Chemistry n/a $1,250
Split Sample Analysis- Blood Only Chemistry n/a $500
TCO2 Split Sample Analysis Chemistry n/a $200
TOBA Protocol Testing- Blood & Urine Chemistry $250 $325

*Submitter is located in California.  **Submitter is located in any state other than California or anywhere outside the U.S.

Please print the Equine Chemistry/Pharmacology Submission Form and ship with your submission to: 

CAHFS Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 
University of California, Davis 
620 W. Health Sciences Dr 
Davis, CA 95616

For specific questions regarding Chemistry Section submissions, please contact Dr. Scott Stanley, or 530-752-8700.

For specific questions regarding Pharmacology Section submissions, please contact Dr. Heather Knych, or 530-752-8700.