California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System

Photo: Pathology/Histology


Each laboratory offers necropsy and histopathology services. The Turlock laboratory accepts avian species and rabbits only and the Tulare, Davis and San Bernardino laboratories accept both avian and mammalian species. Mammalian species are  typically food and fiber and equine species and may include pets or laboratory animals (dogs, cats, rodents). Animals from public and some private zoological collections and wild animals from appropriate agencies are accepted. Responsibility for appropriate handling of pathology-related accessions is assigned to case coordinators (faculty, non faculty diagnosticians and residents). These individuals assume “ownership” of their cases and are responsible for accurate, thorough and timely execution. All laboratories perform routine paraffin sectioning and H&E staining of tissues on a daily basis and offer a variety of special stains. All locations except Turlock are equipped to cut frozen sections and perform fluorescent antibody (FA) staining on tissue smears and frozen tissue sections.  Immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining procedures are performed at the Davis, Tulare and San Bernardino laboratories. Samples for special stains, IHC or FA are sent to a site offering the test by overnight courier services when not offered on-site.