Packaging Guidelines

Several inexpensive options exist for packing your laboratory samples in a manner that guarantees your specimens will arrive in optimal condition for testing. CAHFS receives many samples that are needlessly destroyed or made unsuitable for testing because of poor packaging. 

The most common specimen/sample packing problems can be prevented with these simple guidelines:

  • Isolate the submission form from the samples in a waterproof bag.
  • Ship frozen samples using ice packs.
  • Package formalin-fixed samples in a sealed, waterproof container. Using parafilm and/or placing in a double bag with absorbent material is recommended.
  • Do not put multiple loose glass tubes in a container/bag. Styrofoam mailers or foil-pack method preferred.
  • Double-bag any fresh tissues. Organs placed in a single Ziploc or whirl-pak bag will leak.
  • If using vacutainer box, secure tubes by placing strips of packing tape across the tube tops and adhering the tape to the box or by wrapping entire box in foil.
  • Ensure snap-caps are properly sealed.